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Revision History

The first version number corresponds to the listing tool;
The second version number is for the tracking module.

Coming Soon...
-The Gold Tracker inventory system integration.
-Integrated html editor directly inside listing creator description fields.
-Support for auction site pending listings function enabling scheduled listings without the need to keep SpoonFeeder listing tool running.
-Integrated error reporting system "Eurekalog"
v6.00 / v4.00 (12-Aug-2015)
All new beta software release, significant system rebuild.
v5.92 / v3.46 (12-Dec-2008)
ProPay has been added to the list of supported payment methods.  This release also features the initial version of the Bulk Listing Editor providing the capabilities to load, view, sort and edit many listings at the same time using a grid format.  Fields may be copied and pasted between listings quickly, allowing larger numbers of listings to be changed all at once.  This feature is especially valuable when used in conjunction with listing import features such as the csv listing import function or the ability to import existing listings from eBay.  The imported listings can now be copied and saved under a new folder, where they can be edited in bulk to redirect them to other selling sites such as moving listings from eBay USA to eBay UK, or to or any other selling venue supported by SpoonFeeder.
v5.88 / v3.46 (28-Oct-2008)
Corrected currency handling issues identified in recent prior versions.   Fixed GTC listing duration support for  Return policy as submitted to eBay automatically removes html from the return policy description.  Support for the latest new eBay categories has been released.
v5.87 / v3.46 (20-Oct-2008)
Corrected photo upload issue for scheduled listings that were not previously viewed using the web preview tab in listing creator.  It is no longer necessary to preview listings with web preview in order for them to automatically upload.  Corrected category and shipping service reset function when changing listing formats on the same selling site.  Now will only reset when changing the selling site, not the selling format.  Added additional logging for SpoonFeeder API item add function to properly report when a repetitive login attempt fails, previously it would exit an attempted login without any messaging.  Repositioned the return policy controls to be more near the top right of the shipping description return policy tab.
v5.86 / v3.46 (10-Oct-2008)
Added full support for eBay's new Return Policy requirements.  (Switched from return policy specifics to "normal" return polciy nodes) Improved visual handling of higher DPI font settings including 96, 120 and 192 DPI.  Faster loading of listings into Listing Creator.  Fixed recently used list on the file menu inside Listing Creator to avoid blank lines.  Changed help contents to launch web browser to FAQ page and web site support page.  Fixed intermittant inability to connect to server to check for version updates.
v5.84 / v3.46 (30-Sept-2008)
Added correction to remove #0 character in description, shipping description, payment description and return policy fields for listings saved under version 5.81.  Corrects eBay parse error for such listings.
v5.83 / v3.46 (29-Sept-2008)
Improved RainWorx rwAuctionPro support.  Now SpoonFeeder will obtain the item number and listing fee more reliably in international environments.  Also finalized site metadata support for multiple currencies on RainWorx rwAuctionPro platforms.  Tested with "green" auction website EnergyBook in U.K.
v5.82 / v3.46 (22-Sep-2008)
Fixed "parse error" bug in 5.81
v5.80 / v3.46 (12-Sep-2008)
Production release of recent beta version.  Includes numerous stability improvements.
v5.79 beta / v3.46 (10-Sep-2008)
Beta release includes some duration parameters needed to support eBay's forthcoming change to their fixed price listing format.  Also corrected some anomolies reported during startup and shutdown by some users with higher font DPI settings.
v5.78/ v3.46 (5-Sep-2008)
Corrected bug in custom report options related to blank string comparison in new format grid control.  Corrected in Tracking module only, forthcoming release of listing tool will also carry the correction.
v5.78/ v3.45 (26-Aug-2008)
-Added the capability to import existing eBay items to create SpoonFeeder "AIE" listing files.  Allows the user to import a list of item numbers and/or to import all items submitted between a specified date range.  New SpoonFeeder listing files are created which can be resubmitted directly to eBay or other sites.  This feature also provides the option to automatically download pictures from the item listings which are hosted anywhere on the web and to convert them to local picture files which can be rehosted elsewhere such as with SpoonFeeder.  This is a great feature for sellers who are migrating to SpoonFeeder from other auction management systems and who wish to easily bring their item listings with them.  Sellers who have lost and wish to recover their original listings or photos or who wish to edit and migrate their listings to other selling venues will greatly appreciate this feature.
v5.77/ v3.45 (21-Aug-2008)
-Corrected a problem related to handling of possible duplicate records in international eBay shipping services definitions, such as for eBay Germany and others, which would not save and reload properly in the listing creator.
v5.76/ v3.45 (5-Aug-2008)
-Tracking module corrected problem with vertical splitter.
v5.76/ v3.44 (1-Aug-2008)
-Improved automatic feedback functions in tracking module to reduce repeated attempts to leave feedback. (eBay changed the return constant indicating feedback had already been left.)
v5.76 beta/ v3.43 (29-July-2008)
-Added multiple level sortability to SpoonFeeder listing tool.  Sort repeat listing schedule and pending listings by any field or fields.
-Ability to filter and group SpoonFeeder listing tool records based upon logic.  Filters can be saved and reloaded.
v5.75/ v3.43 (18-July-2008)
-SpoonFeeder API support was added for the new interface type Rainworx6
v5.74/ v3.42Beta (17-June-2008)
-Added multiple level sortability toTracking module data by any field or fields such as price, number of bids, end time, buyer email, marketplace etc.
-Ability to filter and group Tracking module records based upon logic. Filters can be saved and reloaded.
v5.74/ v3.41 (16-June-2008)
-SpoonFeeder listing tool added support for eBay India's required payment method, PaisaPay. 
-Changed installer to delete ????LCF.txt files in setup folder to provide backward compatibility because of revised encoding format.
-Listing tool feature "File open with advanced search" now allows immediate file selection with double click.
v5.73/ v3.41 (10-June-2008)
-Corrected installation program to properly distribute all category data for eBay sites SG Singapore, PL Poland, PH Philippines, MY Malaysia, IN India, IE Ireland, CAFR Canada French
-Bug fix for Tracking module related to Bidtopia sold items. 
-Correction to listing tool related to mistakenly commented code section for user verification.
v5.72/ v3.40 (3-June-2008)
-Minor change to listing tool credit link.
v5.71/ v3.40 (26-May-2008)
-Update to support Bitopia API version 1.50 changes.
v5.69/ v3.38 (14-May-2008)
-Corrected minor defect in cross promotion gallery scroller processing. Made minor improvements to RainWorx UploadItem function.
-Tracking module added support for processing multiple winning bidder/buyers for Bidtopia stores format items.
v5.68/ v3.36 (6-May-2008 4:10pm)
-Changed PayPalEmail tag in UploadItem API function per Bidtopia's change.
v5.66/ v3.36 (30-Apr-2008)
-Improved Rainworx AddItem reliability.  Tracking Module updates for Bidtopia's new API changes.
v5.64/ v3.33 (11-Apr-2008)
-Added horizontal splitter to tracking module to allow user to control the size of the system log messages area.
-Corrected custom report export default filename to use dates instead of field name list.
-Removed phantom floating include button in tracking module.
v5.64/ v3.32 (7-Apr-2008)
-Removed false warning for Bidtopia Stores format listings with price under $100.  (It was intended as a warning for Inverted format listings.)
-Corrected template preview to refresh immediately when loading old listings, not just when selecting templates.
v5.63/ v3.32 (4-Apr-2008)
-Added support for Bidtopia Stores format listings. 
-Corrected encoding for third party hosted eBay gallery pictures with spaces or special characters in the filename to now use URL encoding.
-Encoding SpoonFeeder aie filename in listing embedded html fields to enhance future relist features.
-Seperated duration, pricing and other fields to a new tab inside Listing Creator, allowing more space for Title and Description on description tab.
-Added field "Auto Relist Times" to support sites with interface type allowing auto relist counts such as Rainworx or DealDance
-Added template preview window next to template selection listbox allowing rapid review of installed listing templates.
-SpoonFeeder API expanded to allow definition of multiple top level categories to be defined by supported websites.
-SpoonFeeder API expanded to include APIViewOtherItemsURL definintion in site metadata, allows links to be generalized in standard footer and elsewhere.
-Email setup wizard gained several dozen new entries for lesser known internet service providers.
v5.61/ v3.32 (20-Mar-2008)
-Listing tool corrected bug in thumbnail creation for Bidtopia.  Tracking module added support for final value credit request, and final value credit request reversal for Bidtopia
v5.57/ v3.29 (10-Mar-2008)
-Changed template selection to only allow selection from the drop down list, no longer supporting free form entry.
-In the case of sellers who do not use eBay, removed eBay references from the site & category drop down list.
v5.56 / v3.29 (7-Mar-2008)
-Listing tool improved for Bidtopia to submit the first picture in the picture list as the gallery thumbnail, even if the seller indicates they do not wish to use gallery on the enhancement tab.  If no pictures are provided in the picture list, a Bidtopia logo is used for the gallery image in the browse and search pages.  This greatly reduces the possibility of broken picture links appearing on the search and browse pages.
-Bidtopia thumbnail size increased to 80x80 pixels.
-Warning introduced for Bidtopia inverted auction format to alert sellers the format is restricted to items with starting price above $100
-Tracking module was improved for Bidtopia end item early function to be more description in the confirmation dialogs and log messages, and to invoke the appropriate success or failure sounds according to the ended item status.
-SpoonFeeder API support was added for the new interface type Rainworx5
-Beta listing support introduced for SpoonFeeder's auction website,
v5.55 / v3.28 (29-Feb-2008 11:45am)
-Tracking module integrated ability to set various item status indicators on the Bidtopia site, as an automatic part of the SpoonFeeder post sales process flow. Includes status for paid, undefined payment status, not-paid, shipped.
-Integrated ability to end items early on Bidtopia, with the option to cancel all bids before ending the listing or end the listing early keeping the high bidder.
v5.55 / v3.27 (28-Feb-2008)
-Support for Bidtopia "inverted" auction listing format.
v5.53 / v3.27 (05-Feb-2008)
-Multiple select and multiple clear buttons added to multiple item invoicing dialog to make it faster to select all items purchased from a single buyer.
-Added transaction number to payment information details line on invoices, payment and shipping notifications.
-Moved detailed PayPal payment link inside invoices to appear after after buyer/bidder message instead of before.
-Listing tool changed enhanced picture JPG quality setting to provide reasonable compromise between picture file size and quality. Speeds up picture uploads and listing submission.
-Support for "fast update" method of tracking running items on Bidtopia.
v5.52 / v3.26 (30-Jan-2008)
-Tracking module early support to import all running items from Bidtopia to watch status of active listings.
-Bug fix for eBay shipping option "fixed domestic/calculated international" shipping.
v5.51 / v3.25 (23-Jan-2008)
-Invoices now optionally include a PayPal link to a detailed invoice on PayPal that will make it easier for buyers to pay.
-SKU / UPC / ISBN number listed on line item detail of invoices.
v5.51 / v3.23 (16-Jan-2008)
-Enhanced CSV import function to allow importation of unlimited "Custom" fields defined in the header which start with the word "Custom".  The portion of the custom header field after the "-" in the header field name will become the label for the actual custom field value, which is incorporated into the listing description.
-Provided support for unlimited number picture fields in the CSV header so long as the picture field header is labelled "Picture".
-Ability to optionally define the item listing filename for each record in CSV import files.  Use header label "Filename".
-Corrected defect related to Bidtopia picture list when the pictures were not local but web hosted.
-More email service providers automatically detected by email setup wizard.
v5.50 / v3.23 (8-Jan-2008)
-Support for email systems requiring SSL, such as GMAIL.
-Email setup wizard to make it easy for finding the right email setting.
v5.49 / v3.21 (8-Jan-2008)
-Fixed bug related to bulk submission on Bidtopia.
-Fixed file locking bug in listing creator.
v5.47 / v3.21 (3-Jan-2008)
-Corrected defect in tracking module for Bidtopia GetItems function call related to conversion of local time to GMT. Added tag to XML request.
-Corrected problems related to eBay item specifics rendering on systems using Internet Explorer version 7.
-Make Tracking module retrieve Bidtopia sold item transacations even when no eBay account is setup.
-Provided ability to optionally hide the SpoonFeeder credit link at the end of the listing for users of the standard license or above who subscribe to the platinum level service.
-Fixed self-lockout condition when attempting to reopen the same file twice.
v5.46 / 3.20 (21-Dec-2007)
-Released initial post sales support for Bidtopia auction.
v5.45 / 3.19 (14-Dec-2007)
-Released initial item listing support for Bidtopia auction.
-Added "Delete All" button to pending listings tab.
-Added "Bulk Add from Folder" button to pending listings tab.
-Added eBay support for additional internation sites including India, Malaysia, Singapore, Phillipines, Poland, Ireland and Canada (in French)
v5.41 / 3.19 (3-Dec-2007)
-Integrated cross promotional gallery scroller inside item listings. Optionally show off your other items in each listing with scrolling images gathered automatically by the system.
-Ability to preview the exact eBay listing fee prior to submitting listings, with details, even during eBay fee promotions.
-Improved feedback reciprocation function in the premium services tracking module.
-Find and open listing files quickly with Advanced Search capability.
-Improved compatibility with Microsoft Windows Vista.
-Externalized eBay shipping services using a database for more rapid updates when eBay shipping services change.