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Download SpoonFeeder now!

We are pleased to offer you a free trial of the SpoonFeeder software
for a limited time.
Use the link below to get the complete download for all versions.
After the trial period, if you would like to continue using the software,
you may purchase a license key by visiting our Pricing page.

Please send us your comments and suggestions after you have had a chance to try the program, thanks!

Registered SpoonFeeder Users may also use this page, as well as the integrated Live-Update feature of the software, to obtain version updates and software patches free of charge. If you are curious about the current version number and development progress check out our Revision History page

*Minimum System Requirements:
Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Windows Server
Disk Space: 600 MB RAM: 2 GB
Internet Connection and User Registration are required - can be either dial-up or Broadband.
SpoonFeeder uses the Borland Database Engine which is included as an integrated part of the full version install.


Complete Download for All Version

Includes installer, templates, listing categories, database engine and user documentation. Server #1 is the fastest.
*Approx. 25MB
Download now!Download Now! (Server 1)
Download now!Download Now! (Server 2)
Update Download for Existing Users

Update File for Existing Users

A smaller "update" installer which includes updates to the main executables, language files and other key files. Server #1 is the fastest.
*Approx. 15MB
Download now!Download Now! (Server 1)
Download now!Download Now! (Server 2)
Beta version

Beta version - Caution, read below.

Experimental pre-release version. Use only as directed. May contain incomplete functionality and significant undocumented anomolies.
*Approx. 30MB
Download Beta Version now!Download Beta Version Now! (Server 1)

If you have difficulty downloading the software, please try downloading from the other server. If for some reason you still are unable to obtain the software, please contact us at

Please include any relevant information in your message, such as the browser you are using to download (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, or other) and it's version, as well as the days and times you attempted to download the software. This information will enable us to better help you and make improvements to help future users.

After downloading the file, please locate and run it install the SpoonFeeder software on your computer. On running the software for the first time, you must enter your registration information in the program setup in order to gain access to the rest of the features.

Quick Start Instructions for SpoonFeeder

Step 1: Register with our website. Point your web browser to and visit the "New User Registration" page. Fill out your information and click the submit button. An activation code will be e-mailed to the e-mail address you provided.
Step 2: After you receive the activation code in your e-mail, follow the web link in the e-mail to return to the website and enter the activation code to make your account active.
Step 3: Get the software loaded onto your Windows PC. If you have the CD, install it on your computer, if not, point your web browser to and click on the downloads page to obtain the full and complete download, after downloading, run the downloaded install program to get the software loaded on your Windows PC.
Step 4: Run the SpoonFeeder software on your Windows PC and enter your registration info into the Setup section of the program under the "SpoonFeeder Account" tab. This will activate all the features of the software on your Windows PC. Use the "Web Selling Accounts" tab to enter your information for the on-line selling sites you will use, i.e. enter your eBay account info.
Step 5: Create an item listing with the Listing Creator. Describe your item with title, description, category, photos, shipping and payment options. Select from dozens of great looking templates to give your listing that special look that will set you apart from the crowd. You can control font sizes, colors, and enhancement settings. You can even save your listing if you want to continue to improve it at a later time.
Step 6: Submit your listing directly to the on-line selling site of your choice, such as eBay, eBay Fixed Price, or eBay Stores. SpoonFeeder will post the listing for you! Use the Web Preview tab of the Listing Creator to submit your item with the "Submit Now" button! Use the "Submit Later" button to schedule it for a later date and time.
Step 7: Sell like crazy! It will take just a short time to realize how fast and easily you can make new listings and reuse old listings. There is no guarantee, but if you describe your items well and include good pictures, the prices you realize for your merchandise will be much higher. We hope you enjoy the software and will use it regularly. New features and improvements will be available to you with the integrated live-update feature. Enjoy it and please send us your questions, comments and suggestions via the website or e-mail us at !