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Customer testimonials

Gary LaRonge

As a new user of SpoonFeeder auction software I can say, without qualification, that it is the easiest auction software to use that I have encountered. I was able to develop an auction in about 5 minutes after loading and a brief familiarization period. I have previously used 10 varieties of auction software that were either difficult to use, didn't offer the features I wanted or went unsupported. SpoonFeeder fully satisfies my needs and is a pleasure to use. Thanks for your work SpoonFeeder.
Gary L. Pahrump, Nevada
Dave Brogan I am a landscape photographer. I used SpoonFeeder software to create auction web pages on e-Bay to sell off some older Nikon 35mm photo equipment so I could purchase medium format equipment. The software is easy to use and solid. By solid, I mean well thought out and unlike other auction software does not cause my windows platform to become unstable. It is utterly convenient to build the web pages, decide the most opportune date and time to launch them. Then let SpoonFeeder do the rest.
Launch the web page, track the page, and then notify the bidder upon completion. E-Bay had become like a part time job, but SpoonFeeder has given me back much of that time. Thanks for the great software. The picture is of me with some of the new equipment I bought after selling off some Nikon equipment.
Dave B., Falmouth, Massachusetts
Darryl Riley SpoonFeeder software is a great tool for auctions! It saves time on listings and gives you a complete record of everything thats going on. I would recommend the SpoonFeeder software for the most experienced dealer or even the new beginner!
Thanks SpoonFeeder for making my life a little easier!
Darryl R. , Riley, Indiana
Dennis Misenar I was a bit hesitant about buying this software, but after seeing some other pages that had larger pictures and had more than 6 pictures, and ads that really caught my eye, and noticing that they also had lots of bids on their items that appeared to be the same as what I was selling with fewer bids, thought I better look a little further into this!
I can't believe how much time it saves me in listing items, and how much cheaper it is than using eBay's picture service!
Dennis M., Alberta, Canada
Cliff Reed Let me say that this is the easiest program I have ever seen for the ebay site. I had always wanted to become a seller on ebay but the procedure on their site looked so hard and for a novice like me I could not understand most of what they said. Your program made it so simple and easy I now have 12 items listed and selling like a pro.
Thanks very much again for your response and for the great program.
Cliff R., Brady, Nebraska
Dave Tincher I was so impressed with your software that I bought it for my girlfriend who also sells on Ebay.
It saves so much time and my listing look so professional, its great!!
Dave T., Portland, Indiana
Madeleine H. Hey SpoonFeeder,
Thanks for making my eBay selling so much more successful. I shopped around for the software that did the most, and you're the "Bestest with the Mostest"!
I like being able to upload my photos right from my own files. And I love the look of my auctions. The various templates you offer are perfect for so many products. The software is pretty intuitive, even for a dumbo like me. And most of all, I appreciate the immediate support you've given me when I had a question. Keep the updates coming!
Madeleine H., Flat Rock, North Carolina
Karrie Bloomquist I spend literally half the time I used to creating and managing my auctions! It's easy and delivers professional-looking postings with minimal effort. With the time that SPOONFEEDER saves me, I am able to list more items and as a result my sales have rocketed and given me the competitive edge I have been seeking. I highly recommend this software to those who are veterans to the internet marketplace or to the beginner looking for the simple-solution to selling on the web. I have no doubt it will enhance your experience as it did mine!
Karrie B., Howell, Michigan
Judith M. Williams I've been using SpoonFeeder for about 2 months. I think it's fantastic. It's easy to use and the end product is a very professional looking ad. I'm particularly impressed with the quality of pictures through the program. I've been using scanned copies of 3 dimensional items and the color, quality and detail are spectacular. I've gotten quick and accurate responses to any questions I have. I can recommend this program without reservation.
Judith W., Indianapolis, Indiana
Dominick Dililo Since I obtained Spoonfeeder I can not be more pleased with it and have submitted all my auctions with the use of this program. It makes setting up and submitting auctions a snap. I love the rich set of features, especially the many page templates, which give the auctions a very professional look. Another bonus of working with Spoonfeeder is the great support. I cannot begin to describe my satisfaction with dealing with you and would like to thank you for a great product and the manner in which you support it.
Thank You,
Dominick D., Roselle Park, New Jersey
Candace Podratz SpoonFeeder, I can definitely give you a positive testimonial. The only problem is figuring out where to start (and how to keep it shorter than a novel): Your customer service is EXCELLENT. All my questions were answered within a day; although there weren't many questions because of how user-friendly your software is. Before I bought SpoonFeeder I was using eBay's Seller Assistant. That cost me a sizable fee each month and my ads still looked like they were made by a 5 year old. The "templates" they had to offer were just plain colored backgrounds. I have to be honest, when I saw your ad for SpoonFeeder, I was a bit leary about buying it because the price seemed a bit low for what you were advertising. So boy was I ever happy when I got it!!! It was a LOT more than I was expecting. Beautiful templates, lots of options. And it's easy to use! I don't know the first thing about HTML, and now I can make professional-looking auction ads. Since I bought it, my sales have gone up dramatically, which isn't surprising: what would you rather buy, a product whose ad looks like it was slopped together in 30 seconds (plain text, small pics, no links, no template) or an ad with large pictures, beautiful backgrounds, and links to my store (which equals MORE business)!? I could go on and on about all the features I like. The one that I just LOVE is how easy it is to relist an item you've already sold. Thank you, SpoonFeeder!!!
Candace P., Glencoe, Minnesota
Tim A. Nix The SpoonFeeder software is as powerful or as light as you need it to be. The user customizable and pre written boilerplate for the text is extremely easy to use which is quite refreshing compared to the other software out there. As far as adding Pictures and customizing the text the hardest thing is finding the pics on the drive! This is really a great product.
Tim A. N., Stone Mountain, Georgia
Richard Kurlish I think the public has every right to know about the superb quality product you are offering. As promised, please find my wholehearted and most enthusiastic endorsement of your SpoonFeeder software below: Dear friends and fellow eBayers: Please take a moment to read the good things I want to say about the SpoonFeeder Software. The three most important problems SpoonFeeder solves, as follows:
1) How many times have you browsed for an item on an Internet auction site, seen the picture icon and clicked on the item... And faced a MAJOR disappointment when you viewed the listing and the illustration is so small you need magnifying glass just to make sure it's there. They say a picture is worth a thousand words: In my opinion, a good illustration on-line is worth a million words. AND SPOONFEEDER SOLVES THIS PROBLEM WITH EASE !
2) Oh, for the good old days... Glad SPOONFEEDER placed them where they belong: in the past. It's no joy doing a listing and having to individually enter each separate section (even with cut-and-paste, it was a long boring chore), then enter each listing on eBay by hand. Well no more... SPOONFEEDER SOLVES THIS PROBLEM ALSO WITH EASE !
3) I used to maintain a separate Word document on each eBay listing... More work! Need I say it... PROBLEM SOLVED WITH SPOONFEEDER. Set up and manage your listing in the same easy to use program. All I have left to say is: WHY HAVEN'T YOU ORDERED YOUR COPY YET ?
Richard I. K., Orlando, FL
After trying many other software packages to prepare my auction listings, I now use "SpoonFeeder" exclusively. I particularly like the large selection of templates and the ease of inserting photographs . It is also great to have predefined messages inserted into your auction listing at the click of a key! I should also mention the ease of selection of fonts and colors. Instead of being tethered to a single choice of font size and color, you can easily select a different choice for each element of the listing if you wish.
Bob A., Port Ludlow, Washington
I will say this about the SpoonFeeder software for creating and listing your auctions with eBay. This tool is super for several reasons with me. I am a hobbyist seller and hoping to retire this year and intend to make a little extra using the auction links. With this software, I can create my auctions ahead of time and later submitting them when I want to. It has increased my sales a little over 70% in the last few months I've use it and hope the trend continues, One of the best things about it is, when they improve it, the download to upgrade it is free. I have written for help on the program and with their assistance, have corrected a problem that ended up to be a problem on my end. I would recommend this program for the professional or hobbyist and promise, it will help increase your sales.
Parks Mangum, South Carolina